How to use Akool Face Swap?

Today, I will show you how to swap faces in videos for free. Akool is an amazing and very unique AI tool that you can use to swap faces in videos or images, create realistic AI avatars, generate text-to-images, and change image or video backgrounds.

Akool Face Swap: Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Accessing the Tool

To begin swapping faces in videos, access the website and go to the AI tool section. Click on the “Tool” tab and select “Face Swap“.

Step 2: Login or Creating an Account

Before proceeding, you’ll need to create an account. Click on the login button and sign up using your Google or email credentials. Upon successful registration, you’ll receive 50 free credits daily. Additional credits can be purchased if needed.

Step 3: Uploading Target Video:

First, you need to upload the target video. You can drag and drop the video clips here or click here to upload the video. It will take a few seconds to analyze the video.

Step 4: Previewing the Video

After analysis, a preview of the video will be displayed on the left side of the screen. The tool will detect faces from various angles, depending on the motion in the video.

Step 5: Uploading Source Image

Next, upload the source image that you want to swap faces with. You can choose a sample image provided or upload one from your files.

Step 6: Face Detection and Adjustment

Select the detection block and choose your images. You can also adjust the reaging of the video, affecting facial details globally, especially when dealing with multiple faces.

Step 7: Enhancing Face Quality

To improve the quality of the faces, turn on the face enhancement checkbox. This will enhance facial features and details for a more realistic swap.

Step 8: Initiating Face Swap

Once all adjustments are made, click on the “High-Quality Face Swap” button. The AI will commence its work, swapping faces based on the provided images and video.

Step 9: Viewing the Result

After processing, click on the “Result” button to preview the swapped faces. If satisfied with the outcome, proceed to the next step.

Step 10: Downloading the Swapped Video

Finally, to download the swapped video, click on the “Download” button. This will save the video with the swapped faces to your device for further use or sharing.

Akool AI Tools List:

Akool AI ToolDescription
Image GeneratorGenerate pictures with text, allowing for easy creation of visually appealing images with customized text overlays.
Face SwapTake your face and seamlessly integrate it into any video, providing a fun and creative way to personalize video content.
Background ChangeChange the background of product images or any image, enabling users to enhance visuals and create customized scenes.
Realistic AvatarType scripts and create a spokesperson video with perfect lip-syncing in minutes, offering a professional and engaging video creation experience.
Talking PhotoEasily create talking photos by uploading a portrait photo and entering text, adding a dynamic element to static images.
Video TranslateTranslate videos seamlessly with one click, using a natural voice clone and authentic speaking style, facilitating effortless communication across languages.


How long does it take to swap faces in a video?

The time taken depends on factors such as video length and complexity.

Is there a limit to the number of faces I can swap in a single video?

Akool generally allows for multiple face swaps in a single video, enabling creative possibilities for various scenarios.

Can I use Akool on mobile?

You can access Akool on mobile devices, but for the most efficient use, we do recommend a desktop browser.

Why is there a watermark on my content?

Can I adjust the swapped faces for better alignment?

Yes, Akool provides tools to adjust and fine-tune swapped faces for better alignment, ensuring a seamless integration into the video.