Reface AI Video Face Swap Unboring for FREE [Step By Step]

Refacing in video is not an easy task. It requires more detailing while swap faces in video. But unboring is an AI tool for swapping the faces in video. You can easily swap faces from any video for free.

What is Reface AI? stands out as a top-notch provider of video face swap AI tools customized for content creation. Their range of products enables users to effortlessly swap faces in photos, craft entertaining videos, breathe life into still images with animations, apply artistic filters for photo makeovers, and enhance videos with captivating effects.

How to Easily Swap Faces in a Video with

Step 1: Sign Up on Reface.AI

Visit and sign up using your Google or Facebook account. Upon successful registration, you’ll receive 5 free tokens for face swapping, image restyling, animations, and video restyling.

Step 2: Choose Swap Faces

Navigate to the menu icon and select “Swap Faces” from the Reface AI product list.

Step 3: Upload Your Video

Click on “Upload Content” and select the video you want to edit. Allow some time for the platform to analyze and detect faces in the video.

Step 4: Select Faces to Swap

Upload an image containing the face you want to swap into the video.

Step 5: Initiate Face Swap

Click on “Swap Faces” to start the face-swapping process. Note that it will require 1 token to complete the swap.

Step 6: Download Your Video

Once the face swap is done, click on “Download” to save the edited video to your device.

Reface AI’s Features:

1. AI-Powered Filters:

Easily enhance your photos and videos with a range of advanced filters and effects powered by AI technology. From artistic transformations to trendy looks, there’s a filter for every mood and occasion.

2. Celebrity Swaps:

With Reface AI, you can swap your face with that of a famous personality in just a few clicks. Have fun exploring different celebrity looks and sharing the results with your friends.

3. GIF Creation:

You can create your images to custom GIFs that featuring animated faces.

4. Meme Generator:

Reface AI’s meme generator allows you to create hilarious memes using your own images. Simply choose a template and add your text.

5. Social Sharing:

Once you’ve crafted your video, easily share it with friends and followers on your favorite social media platforms. Other Tools

Face SwapInstantly switch faces in photos or create amusing videos with friends.
AnimateMake static images talk and dance with a single tap, adding voice or movement.
Image RestyleTransform photos into various styles like cartoons, cyberpunk, and more.
Video RestyleApply captivating filters and effects to turn videos into mesmerizing creations.


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